Jumat, 22 November 2013

Indonesia - Australia Conflict

The Indonesian foreign ministry has issued a statement demanding clarification of media reports that Australia used the embassy to collect intelligence on Indonesia, a country of growing regional and economic importance.

The Fairfax media reports, quoting an unnamed former intelligence officer, allege Australia used the embassy to spy on terrorists and people smugglers.

However, the main focus of the alleged intelligence operations was said to be "political, diplomatic and economic intelligence" gathering.

Australia is reported to have run spy operations across South-East Asia from the embassy as well as the Australian consulate in Bali.

"The conduct as reported was not at all reflecting the spirit of friendly relations," a statement from the Indonesian foreign ministry said.

It said surveillance would be "considered a serious breach of security which cannot be accepted".

The Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement saying it is the prerogative of host governments to call in diplomatic representatives for discussions.

The statement says Australia and Indonesia share a wide range of economic, political and security interests and are close partners in the region.


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