Sabtu, 25 Februari 2012

Dark Souls

   In Dark Souls, each of your character eight statistics determines your overall level. Ins tead of being limited to the RPG norm of level 99, you can gain upwards of 700 levels. You can level at Bonfires and spend accumulated Souls that improve your abilities. Each overall character level costs more Souls than the last, so you should be mindful of which stats you build up.
Because you can lose your cache of Souls easily, it's handy to hold onto consumable items such as Soul of a Nameless Soildier or Soul of a Proud Knight. Using these items will instantly fill your 
Soul counter with several hundred or thousand Souls, topping you off for a new level or two.

Each level raises your defense against Physical, Magical, Flame, and Lightning attack. Because of this, leveling general makes things defensively easier. 

  • Namco Bandai Games America
  • From Software
  • Role-Playing
  • Release: Oct 19 2011 (AS)
  • Platforms: PlayStation3
  • Point: 9.5

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